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Ahsan Manzil Museum

Once serving as the home and administrative center for the Nawab of Dhaka, it now holds the prestigious title of an Old Dhaka Heritage Site. A palace situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh is now serves as a museum known as Ahsan manzil Museum. You will find it in Kumartoli area of Dhaka.

Lalbagh Fort

Lalbagh Fort is also known as Fort Aurangabad. It is an incomplete 17th century Mughal fort complex. It is located in the southwestern part of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The area acquired its name as Lalbagh replacing Aurangabad, and after that fort known as Lalbagh Fort.


Bangabandhu Memorial Museum

The Bangabandhu Memorial Museum honors Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation, and is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Showcasing the life and legacy of the adored leader, this museum presents visitors with an insight into Bangladesh's remarkable road towards independence and its rich political history. It is situated in the ancient Dhanmondi district.


Central Shaheed Minar

The Central Shaheed Minar in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a moving representation of the battle for the country's cultural and linguistic identity. This beautiful monument was built in memory of people sacrificed their lives during the 1952 Bengali Language Movement and is a symbol of the people of Bangladesh's tenacity and courage.


Sohrawardy Udyan

Suhrawardy Udyan, a national memorial in Shahbagh, Dhaka, was once known as Ramna Race Course Ground. Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy is honored with the name. It was initially used as the British soldiers' military club while they were based in Dhaka. Afterwards, it was known as the Ramna Gymkhana, and then the Ramna Race Course.


Curzon Hall

Curzon Hall, nestled in Shahbagh, serves as the Faculty of Sciences' hub in the University of Dhaka. Built during the colonial era, it was initially designed as a town hall. Named after Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of India, it saw its foundation stone laid by him in 1904.

Bangladesh National Zoo

The Bangladesh National Zoo was Established in 1974. It is located in Mirpur section of dhaka. It is a popular destination for visitors with over 2,000 animals from 165 species. Every year, about 4 million visitors visit bangladesh national zoo.


National Botanical Garden

Explore the sprawling National Botanical Garden and Herbarium inside Dhaka, Bangladesh, established in 1961. Spanning 84 hectares beside Dhaka Zoo, it's a haven for plant enthusiasts and tourists alike. Managed by the Forest Department, it boasts 57 sections and over 56,000 trees, herbs, and shrubs, including rare species.


Bangladesh National Museum

Bangladesh National Museum located in Dhaka of Bangladesh. It exhibits artifacts and artworks representing the country's heritage. There are more than 86,000 objects, which offers a comprehensive view of Bangladesh's history through sculptures, textiles, pottery, coins, and manuscripts. Special exhibitions and educational programs make it a cultural exchange hub.


National Parliament House/ Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban

The National Parliament House which is also known as Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This architectural marvel is designed by a well known Architect Louis Kahn. It is an iconic symbol of modern Bangladeshi architecture.



Sonargaon is an ancient city near dhaka in Bangladesh. It was one the capital of ancient Bengal and was an administrative center of eastern Bengal. It was an important trading and political center in the ancient time. In Sonargaon's architecture eras of the Sultanate, Mughal, and colonial are all represented. Tourists can explore its historical monument, old buildings, museums, palaces.


National Martyrs' Memorial

The National Martyrs' Memorial is a remarkable memorial honouring the brave souls who sacrificed their lives for the nation's independence in 1971. It looks like a huge red flame, stands as a symbol of respect and remembrance for the martyrs of the Liberation War. It's located in Savar, Bangladesh, which is just outside of Dhaka.


Jamuna bridge/ Bangabandhu Bridge

Jamuna bridge is the longest bridge in Bangladesh, over the Jamuna river. It is also known as Bangabandhu Bridge. It cuts down the travel time between Dhaka and the northern districts by linking the country's eastern and western regions. The bridge is an engineering marvel and a vital transportation link in Bangladesh. Tourists visiting the bridge can admire its architectural grandeur while enjoying breathtaking vistas of the river and the lush landscapes that surround it.

Dhanbari Nawab Palace

Dhanbari Nawab Palace is situated in dhanbari upazila of Tangail district. It is 150 Kms away from Dhaka city. This palace was built by Nawab Ali Chowdhury during 1919. The architecture and beautiful surrounding of palace is attraction of tourists from bangladesh and other regions of the world.



Tungipara is a town in dhaka division of Bangladesh. It is famous for the birthplace of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founding father of the nation. Tourists can explore its rich cultural heritage through museums and memorials. Tungipara town is glimpse of history of Bangladesh and its struggle for independence.

Bangabandhu-Sheikh-Mujibur-Rahman-Novo Theatre

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre is a modern planetarium. It is located in Bijoy Sharani Avenue of Tejgaon area in Dhaka , bangladesh. It delivers tourists of all ages an educational experience with its engaging astronomy and space exploration shows.

Trishal Upazila

Trishal Upazila is a sub-district of mymensingh district of bangladesh. It is around 120 km away from dhaka. Trishal offers a glimpse into rural life, dotted with picturesque villages and friendly communities.



Foy's Lake

Foy's Lake in Chittagong, Bangladesh is a peaceful lake surrounded by green hills. It is man-made but its like a nature paradise where you can relax and have fun with your friends or family. There is also an amusement park near Foy's lake where you can enjoy exciting rides. You can take a walk by the lake to feel its beauty. Foy's lake is a best place for everyone to unwind and have a great time in Chittagong, Bangladesh.


Patenga Beach & Fouzdarhat Sea Beach

Patenga is a beautiful sunset and sunrise viewing sea beach which is 22 km away from the Chittagong city. The beach has a convenient location near Shah Amanat International Airport and the Bangladesh Naval Academy. There are lots of entertainment facilities on this beach. It is one of the major attractions of Chittagong for visitors and tourists. You can enjoy boating and river cruising on the River Karnaphuli in addition to the sea beach. The Fouzdarhat sea beach, which is located 16 km from Chittagong, is another great place for a picnic.


Chittagong Port

The Chittagong Port is the main sea port of Bangladesh on the banks of karnaphuli river. This port is also known as the gateway to Bangladesh's maritime world! Chittagong port is located on the southeastern coast. It's the largest seaport of Bangladesh, busy with ships and cargoes handles almost all import-export trades of Bangladesh. Tourists may immerse themselves in the vibe of the sea, watch ships coming and going, and perhaps even get a view of the amazing coastline that surrounds it.

Mongla Sea Port

The Port of Mongla is a sea port of Khulna city, which is located at Mongla Upazila, Khulna Division, Bangladesh. It is a link seaport, which is second largest and second busiest seaport of Bangladesh. The Pashur River and the Bay of Bengal are both near the Mongla port. This busy seaport offers visitors and tourists a glimpse of the country's maritime activities, vibrant fish markets, and serene river cruises. Also, tourists can enjoy delicious seafood and witness an amazing sunset over the port.



Bandarban is a heaven for nature lovers and adventure seekers. It is located in the lush green hills of southeastern Bangladesh. It offers tourist with a chance to experience the peace of nature and adventure while hiking and zip-lining through deep forests, exploring tribal villages, and engaging in exciting adventure activities. The famous Nilgiri Hills, the shimmering Sangu River, Buddha Dhatu Jadi, Chimbuk Hill, Meghla, Nilachal and the mystical Boga Lake are among the popular attractions. Bandarban promises to be a memorable vacation spot for everyone looking to explore the natural world.


Bangladesh Marine Academy

Bangladesh Marine Academy is located in Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is a regimental and residential maritime training institute of Bangladesh. This academy is a renowned institution training future sailors and maritime professionals. Visitors can explore its campus, learn about maritime education, and witness ship simulators.




Sitakunda is a small town in southeastern Bangladesh. Sitakunda is famous for its natural beauty and historical sites. Tourists can explore its lush green hills, beautiful waterfalls, and ancient temples. It is also famous for Chandranath temple and Hindus temple. It's a great spot for those who enjoy exploring nature and history because it provides a peaceful retreat from city life.


Parki Beach

Parki Beach is a famous beach between a river and delta in Anwara of Chittagong. This beach is around 20 km away from Chittagong city and It is surrounded by Zhau forest. It is situated near the Karnaphuli river. With its golden sands, clear waters, and lush greenery, it's a perfect spot for relaxation and rejuvenation. Tourists can see the sea and the Karnafuli river together because the beach is located along the river's channel.

Cox's Bazar

Cox's Bazar is located near Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is famous for having the world's longest natural sandy beach, stretching over 120 kilometers. Cox's Bazar is a paradise for beach lovers due to it's golden sands, clear blue waters, and stunning sunsets. Tourists can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and delicious seafood. In addition, the town has lively marketplaces, delicious local food, as well as friendly people there, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing beach holiday.


Himchori & Inani Beach

Himchori and Inani Beach are two amazing tourist spots in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. Himchori is famous for waterfall, there is wonderful and peaceful scenery of cascading waterfalls amidst green hills. This spot is perfect for nature lovers. Inani beach attracts tourists for its clean, blue waters and sandy coastline. For tourists looking for peace and beauty in nature, these spots provide a refreshing holiday.


Moheshkhali Island

Moheshkhali Island is a wonderful island in the Bay of Bengal in the north-western directions off Cox’s Bazar. This is a main island of Moheshkhali Upazila, in the Cox's Bazar District of Bangladesh. Maheshkhali Island is a pleasant haven that is popular for beautiful beaches, lush greenery, and dynamic culture. Tourists come to this spot due to its pleasant atmosphere, which is perfect for exploration and relaxation. Tourists can enjoy activities like sunbathing, swimming. Also, there are several ancient temples scattered across the island.


Sonadia Island

Sonadia Island is a part of Cox's bazar, which is small beach covering 9 km and It is a paradise for bird lovers. It is a sanctuary for migratory birds such as petrels, snipes, shanks, lapwings, geese, ducks and other waterfowls. Its beaches are home to rare marine life such as red crabs and green turtles. Tourists can learn about the drying process, as it is a largest dried fish producer of Bangladesh.


St. Martins Island

Saint Martin Island is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh and It is the only Coral island of Bangladesh. It is also known as" Narikel Ginzira" or "Coral Dip." It is perfect for camping, snorkelling, and diving adventures. Some food items such as coconut, sea fish, Crab & pron are popular food of this Island. Tourists can enjoy fresh seafood, relax at the shore, and explore the island's natural beauty.

Nijhum Island

Nijhum Island is located in Noakhali district, Hatiya upazila in Bangladesh. It is a small Island of lush greenery everywhere and surrounded by water. This Island is perfect for bird watching where there are rare birds like flamingo. A wide range of wildlife, including deer, can be found in its lush mangrove forests.Tourists can enjoy watching dolphins swimming nearby. Nijhum Island is peaceful and silent, a great spot for relaxing.


Teknaf Beach

Teknaf Beach is located at Teknaf upazila of Cox's bazar district and It is a part of Cox's bazar beach. This beach is divided into four sections; shilakhali beach, Hajampara beach, Shamlapur beach and Shapuree Island beach. This beach attracts tourists from all over the world with its mesmerizing sight of the golden sands meeting the deep blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. The stunning natural beauty of Teknaf Beach due to green hills and swaying palm trees, is one of its main attractions of tourists. It offers a perfect backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation.


Chittagong Hill Tracts

The Chittagong Hill Tracts is an amazing destination popular for its calm rivers, green hills, and great cultural diversity. It's a best tourist spot for nature lovers and seeking glimpse into the unique traditions of the hill tribes. These Hill tracts are a group of districts in southeast Bangladesh's Chittagong Division that border Myanmar and India. They are commonly referred to as just the Hill Tracts or CHT. Tourists can trek through amazing scenery, enjoy the boat rides on rivers, and explore tribal villages.


Rangamati is the most popular spot in Chittagong Hill Tracts covered by Its scenic beauty, adorned with crystal-clear lakes, rolling hills, and vibrant indigenous culture. Kaptai Lake, Lake View Island, Parjatan Hanging Bridge, Shuvolong Waterfalls and Polwel Park are top attractions to visit for tourists in Rangamati. Tourists can enjoy boat rides on the Kaptai Lake, explore tribal villages, and savor delicious local food. It's a best tourist spot for those seeking calm amidst wonderful landscapes.


Chhera Island

Chhera Island is a serene paradise located near St. Martin Island in Bangladesh. It is also known as Chhera Island, also called Chhera Dwip, Cheradia Island or Cheridia Island. Chhera Island is like the quieter sibling of Saint Martin Island. This Coral Island has located about 5 km to the south of Saint Martin Island. It is full of natural corals, natural rocks as well as coconuts. A stunning view is created as the waves of the blue sea crash against the rocks. To reach there, tourists can take a boat from Saint Martin Island. It offers a peaceful escape amidst breathtaking natural beauty.


Ramu (Buddhist village)

Ramu also known as Buddhist village is surrounded by Buddhist temples of Bengalis or Rakhaing people. Ramu is a peaceful calm Buddhist village located amidst lush green hills. It is approx. 16 km away from east of Cox's bazar. Tourists can experience tranquility of its beautiful rice fields and ancient pagodas. Also, They can explore local culture by visiting colorful markets and participating in traditional rituals. Ramu village is a great spot for those seeking spiritual and cultural enrichment.

Laboni Beach

Laboni Beach is a beautiful part of sandy beach located in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. It is a starting point of Cox's bazar town and considered to be the main beach of Cox's bazar. Laboni beach point is popular for tourists due to its scenic views, calm waves, and vibrant atmosphere. Tourists can relax on the beach or enjoy various beach activities. It's a best spot to relax and enjoy the sunshine.


Shrine of Bayazid Bostami

The Shrine of Bayazid Bostami is a holy site in Chittagong, Bangladesh. People visit this place to pay their respects to a famous Sufi saint named Bayazid Bostami. It's a peaceful place with beautiful pond and a mosque where visitors can pray and reflect. It's a significant religious site as well as a wonderful historical site. The shrine is very famous as a strong belief that the giant turtles are suppose to be angels or ferestas.




Sundarban reserve forest of Bangladesh is a largest mangrove forest in the world.It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in the delta formed by the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers flowing together in the Bay of Bengal. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes, Unique ecosystem, and diverse wildlife. Sundarbans is a home to Royal bengal tigers. Tourists can explore its beauty through boat rides, spotting wildlife, and experiencing the calm of nature.


The Shrine of Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali

The Shrine of Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali also known as Khan Jahan Ali Mazar is a historic site in Bagerhat, Bangladesh. It is revered for its majestic architecture and cultural significance. It is a tomb honoring the famous saint and historic king Khan Jahan Ali, and it is situated in the Bagerhat district. Tourists can explore the amazing structure of tombs and mosques to know about the rich heritage of Bengal.


Khan Jahan Ali Bridge or Rupsa bridge

Khan Jahan Ali Bridge also known as Rupsa Bridge is a stunning sight in Bangladesh. It stretches gracefully over the Rupsa River. It gives a great experience for tourists with its elegant design and attractive surroundings. This bridge not only links two sides, but it also introduces tourists to the amazing scenery of Bangladesh. A must-see for everyone traveling through this vibrant country.


Khulna Divisional Museum

Khulna Divisional Museum is the only museum of Khulna City and second largest museum of Bangladesh. It is located in the center of Khulna city. This museum, which was founded in 1998 by the Archaeology Department, primarily exhibits different clay and ceramic items. This museum is crammed with South Bengali buildings, artifacts, and archeological evidence. It's a perfect spot for history enthusiasts and curious tourists to go if they're interested in discovering more about Bangladesh's past.

Hiron Point

Hiron Point is also known as Nilkamol, gives a thrilling adventure for nature enthusiasts. It is located in the southern part of the Sundarbans mangrove forest of Bangladesh. It is popular for its diverse wildlife, including the Royal Bengal tiger. Tourists can take boat rides to spot animals like deer, monkeys, and crocodiles up close. Hiron point is a must visit spot for an unforgettable wilderness experience in Bangladesh.



Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal

The Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal is a sacred place for Muslims and a popular tourist destination. It's located in Sylhet, Bangladesh. It attracts tourists seeking blessings and spiritual solace. The shrine is devoted to the tomb of the revered Sufi saint Hazrat Shah Jalal. People visit this spot to pray, ask for blessings, and indulge in the peaceful environment.


Sri Chaitanya Dev Temple

Sri Chaitanya Dev Temple in Bangladesh is a special place for Hindus and tourists. It's dedicated to Sri Chaitannya Dev, an important Hindu figure. The temple is beautiful with colorful designs and carvings. People visit to feel spiritual and see the amazing culture of the place.



Srimongol, Srimangal or Sreemangal is a paradise for nature lovers, and it is located in Sylhet division, Bangladesh. Srimongol is known as the 'Tea Capital' of Bangladesh and popular for Its vast tea gardens. This place offers stunning tea gardens where visitors can stroll amidst the fragrant bushes. Tourists to this place must have to taste exquisite local teas. Also, They can explore nearby attractions like Lawachara National Park which is home to diverse wildlife.


Madhabkunda Waterfall

Madhabkunda Waterfall, a tourist spot nearby Srimongol town. It is located at Barlekha upazila in Moulvibazar District under Sylhet Division. Madhabkunda waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in Bangladesh. This waterfall is a stunning natural wonder which is about 200 feet or 61 meter high, awaiting adventurous souls. Tourists can immerse themselves in the cool mist and enjoy picnics amidst the serene surroundings. Both nature lovers and adventure seekers should visit this spot.


Tea Estates

Sylhet is popular as a Tea capital of Bangladesh. There are around 150 Tea estate or tea garden in sylhet. Malnicherra, Lakkatura, Surma, Gopaldhara, Balisera and Srimongal, are well-known Tea Estates. Among these, Malnicherra Tea estate is the most popular and oldest tea estate in the sub continent. These estates offers opportunities for tourists to experience the beauty of tea cultivation and processing in Bangladesh's lush greenery. Tourists can learn about tea production processes, and even sample some of the finest teas grown in the region.


Lawachara National Park

Lawachara National Park is a national park and is a lush green sanctuary in Bangladesh. It is located inside the 2,740 hectares West Bhanugach Reserved Forest in the northeastern part of the country, in the Kamalganj Upazila and Moulvibazar District. It is a nature reserve in Bangladesh and a great spot to visit. Tourists can trek through the dense forest, see rare plants and animals along the way.


Keane Bridge

Keane Bridge is also known as the Rupsha Bridge and is called the gateway to Sylhet city. It is a vital landmark of Sylhet City, Bangladesh. This bridge was built in 1936 over the Rupsha River, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Tourist should visit this bridge once during the Sylhet city visit.



Jaflong is a mesmerizing destination renowned for its scenic beauty. It is a hill station and tourist destination in the Division of Sylhet, Bangladesh. It is situated at the border between Bangladesh and the Indian state of Meghalaya. Here, tourists can witness the enchanting combination of lush greenery, crystal-clear rivers, and breathtaking waterfalls. Tourists can explore area's famous stone collection activities and enjoy a serene boat ride along the Piyain River.


Historical watch/ Ali Amjad's Clock

Ali Amjad's Clock also known as Historical watch is the oldest clock tower of Bangladesh. It is situated in the northeastern city of Sylhet, on the north bank of the Surma River. The tower honors Ali Amjad Khan's name. Sylhet City's historical watch, also known as Ali Amjad's Clock, is a remarkable landmark. Tourists visiting Sylhet should go even if there isn't anything particularly interesting to see there.


Tanguar Haor

Tanguar Haor is located in northeastern Bangladesh, specifically in the Dharampasha and Tahirpur upazilas of Sumanganj district. This wetland reserve is known for its diverse wildlife and peaceful environment. In Tanguar Haor, there are around 208 bird species, so it is a favorite spot for birdwatchers. Also there are 135 fish species, 92 waterbird species, and 98 migratory bird species. Tourists can enjoy the serene beauty, watch local fishing techniques, and explore the floating gardens.




Mahasthangarh is one of the ancient archaeological site dating back over two millennia. Mahasthangarh is located in the village Mahasthan in Shibganj upazila of Bogra District. It holds the remains of the oldest city in the Bangladesh, showcasing the rich history of the region. Tourists can explore the remains of forts, temples, and other structures to learn more about Bangladesh's vibrant history.


Paharpur Buddhist Monastery

Paharpur Buddhist Monastery is also known as Somapura Mahavihara. It is an ancient monastery located in Paharpur village near Rajshahi,Bangladesh. This monastery or Vihara was built around the 8th century which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists can explore its massive structure, learn about Buddhist history, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. It's a best spot for those interested in ancient architecture and spirituality in Bangladesh.


Kantajew Temple

Kantajew Temple at Kantanagar in Dinajpur, Bangladesh, is a stunning example of ancient Hindu architecture. It is also known as Kantanagar Temple or Kantaji Temple. The temple is associated with the Hindu Kanta or Krishna, who is especially renowned in Bengal among the Radha-Krishna cult. It was built in the 18th century, features precise terracotta carvings portraying mythological scenes and ornate design. Tourists can wonder at its beauty, learn about its historical significance.


Ramsagar Dighi

Ramsagar Dighi is a historic man made lake in Tejpur village of Dinajpur district, Bangladesh. It was built by Raja Ram Nath before the Palashi war to meet the water needs of the neighboring villages. Ramsagar Dighi is a peaceful spot perfect for picnics. Tourists can enjoy boat rides on its calm waters. It is a best tourists spot for nature lovers and those seeking a break from the busy city life.


Shopnopuri Artificial Amusement Park

Shopnopuri Artificial Amusement Park is a theme park and a thrilling destination for fun-seekers. It is located in Dinajpur district of Rangpur division in Bangladesh. Tourists can experience an array of exciting rides, vibrant entertainment shows, and delicious local food. Also, there is an artificial and a mini zoo, garden and shopping areas. This park offers joy for all ages.

Puthia Rajbari

Puthia Rajbari is a grand historical palace in Puthia Upazila, Rajshahi in Bangladesh. It is well known for having wonderful architecture. Hindu zamindars built it for Rani Hemanta Kumari Debi in 1895. This spot has beautiful temples, grand palaces, and serene ponds that show off the area's rich culture and history. Tourists can check out the cool terracotta art and fancy designs while discovering the interesting history of the place.


Shilaidaha Rabindra Kuthibari

Shilaidaha Rabindra Kuthibari is a historic mansion and major tourist spot, located in north of Kushtia on the banks of Padma in Kumarkhali Upazila of Kushtia District. It is also known as "Shilaidah Kuthibari" in short. Shilaidaha Rabindra Kuthibari is the place where renowned poet Rabindranath Tagore lived and created some of his masterpieces. Tourists can see Tagore's living quarters, and immerse themselves in his poetic legacy. Anyone interested in Bengali literature and culture should definitely visit this spot.




Kuakata is a coastal paradise on the southernmost tip of Bangladesh. This spot is a serene destination offering amazing sunsets and flawless beaches. Kuakata is known as the "Sagar Kannya" (Daughter of the Sea). It is a major tourist attraction and is famous for its panoramic views of the Bay of Bengal. Tourists can enjoy relaxing beach walks, watch colorful fishing boats. Also, they can experience the unique culture of the local "Rakhaine" community.




Mainamati in Comilla is a historical treasure trove dating back to the 8th-12th centuries. One of Bangladesh's best archaeological camps, it is surrounded by many historical ruins. It has remnants of ancient Buddhist structures, such as as temples, monasteries, and stupas, which provide insight into the rich heritage of the region. Tourists can explore archaeological sites, marvel at intricate carvings.



Sagardari-birthplace of great Bengali poet Michael Madhusudan Dutt

Sagardari Village is well known because it is the birthplace of great Bengali poet Michael Madhusudan Dutt. Tourists can explore Dutt's ancestral home and gain insight into his life and literary contributions. The village has peaceful surroundings near the banks of the Kopotakkho River. It is perfect for peaceful outings and exploration of culture.