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  Rema-Kalenga wildlife sanctuary
The Rema-Kalenga wildlife sanctuary is a part of the tarap hill reserved forest- the largest remnant of upland natural forest in the country. The sanctuary emcompasses several hills of different elevations and low laying valleys.

The hightest peak of the hills is about 67 meter from the sea level.

The sanctuary is drained by a number of small , sandy-bedded streams and includes one small (<0.5 ha) artificial lake. The forest is mixed evergreen, where tall trees are deciduous and the under storey evergreen.

It is home to a wonderful variety of plant, animal and bird-life and provides some of the best bird watching experience in the country. Past surveys show the presence of species include 37 mammals, 167 birds, 7 amphibians, 18 reptiles and 638 plants but now it is belived to be much less. Four different ethnic communities (Tripura, shantal, telugu and urang) live in and around the forest.

Location : Hobigonj
Area (ha.): 1795.54
Established : 1996

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