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  Nazimgarh Resort: A taste of Bengali luxury

Bangladesh's Newest Luxury resort is in Sylhet
Nazimgarh Resort is a luxurious gateway spread over five acres of hill side, only 15 minutes from sylhet city centre.

Fifteen lavishly furnished rooms, in two beautiful vilas, give guests a peaceful and screne atmosphere. Its "garden bistro" is a stand-alone restaurant, serving multi-cuisine food prepared by expert chefs.

It has conference facilities for Board Meetings and company retreats. Nazimgarh Resorts has separate picnic and camping sites along with outdoor activities and specialised boats for river cruises. Come and visit us to experience a totally new and wonderful Bangladesh.

Nazimgarh Resort Ltd (NRL),
Nazimgarh, Khadimnagar, Sylhet
Tel: (0821) 2870338, 2870339
Dhaka Booking: 8853290-3
Fax: 8853295

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