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   Bangladesh Tourism Vision 2020
Tourism Vision 2020
BPC has come up with a study, which once again confirmed immense prospect of country's tourism.
The study Called 'Bangladesh Tourism Vision 2020' forecast that tourist arrivals to Bangladesh likely to exceed 1.30 million by 2020.

If recommended actions are taken, WTO Tourism 2020 vision study forecasts average annual growth Rate of 6.10 per cent between 1995 and 2020 for south Asia and BPC's Bangladesh forecasts at least 500,000 visitor arrivals by 2020.

According to recent trend in arrivals, the BPC study indicates average annual growth rate in tourist arrivals to Bangladesh would be much above the WTO estimates.

"It is fairly realistic to forecast that total arrivals to Bangladesh would reach about 900,000 in 2020. Even, the number of tourists may exceed 1.30 million provided that the favorable market situation prevails".

The study-tourism vision 2020 - determined that Bangladesh would cash in on the following critical factors.
1) A positive image will exist and prevail
2) Political stability is firmly established.
3) Bangladesh will become a single destination like Maldives, Malaysia and Singapore.
4) Approximately 1.30 million tourist will visit Bangladesh each year following the year 2020 and the frowth rate will continue to rise.
5) Target to contribute to the GDA of Bangladesh, at least 4-5 percent from the tourism industry.
6) The communication network will be well established both internally and externally.
7) The investment for the sector will come from both the government and private sectors.
8) The products will be diversified and improved and marketing systems will develop.
9) Liberat and easy travel system will be introduced by Bangladesh and other countries.

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