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  The Sundarbans - Mangrove Forests
The Royal Bengal Tiger (our national Pride)
Tigers are very fierce animal. There are many types of tiger. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the best-known type. It's coat has a ground colour of tawny yellow. There are black stripes on the body and limbs. It's tail is also ringed with black colour.

These Royal Bengal Tigers are found in the Sunderbans in Bangladesh. These tigers are good swimmers. They may also climb trees if needed. They prefer to bunt at night.

But they also prowl about in the day light. They kill and eat wild pigs, goats and cattle. In short , the Bengal Tigers are our national pride.

Royal Bengal Tiger: (Panthera Tigris)

1) Their body length is about 1.8 to 2.8 meters (without tail)
2) Weight of females is 115-185 kg and males is 180-280 kg
3) The pattern of each individual is unique
4) Their short and stiff fur is bright fawn to reddish tan, shading to white underneath
5) They prefer spotted deers, monkeys and wild pigs For food
6) The Tiger drags kill to a safe place to eat
7) At a time, They can eat upto 20 kg and then go without eating for days
8) Tigers are solitary predators and soon after mating the male tigers leave the female who fends for the cubs herself
9) The white ear spots enable mothers and cubs to keep track of each other in the dim forests at night
10) A Tigress generally delivers 2-4 cubs Resting Tigers spend most of their time in the ritual of grooming with their rough tongues

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